We offer professional solutions

Robots for construction

We build Robots for construction companies ourselves. With Robots you have the possibilities to solve the construction needs in Time and in a cost-efficiency way in full transparency.


Smart Robotics Platform

We build a Smart Robotics Platform. It is a set of ROS components in combination with server platform and Machine Learning algorithms that makes any Robot smart.


Robot-ready construction sites

We push Robot-ready construction sites.  Our set of recommendations for construction companies will help robots get maximum efficiency in their work on the construction site.

About Karelics and our vision.

We believe that smart Robots will change the construction sites. They will be the best partners for humans. We don’t replace humans, we help them, we build smart assistant on construction site. We teach our Robots on practice - how to do the work better. On Earth.

We believe that after the training on construction sites on Earth our Robots will learn how to work fully autonomously. And then they will be able to fly to the Moon to build a station. Alone. Without people. For people. ...and then further - Mars.

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Our Robot-Series Helpsters

To Extend the construction-side we created our helpstersr-series, including our Smart-driving platform Sampo. With Karelics you have the possibilities to solve the construction needs in Time and in a cost-efficiency way.  We provide everything around them from the infrastructure till the transport of the Robot to the construction site.

You’re paying for the done work and you can monitor the progress and consumption for construction materials in real-time. Anytime with Transparency.

Check out our blog

We not only build a robot, but also write about it in our creator diary. We write about our workdays, current tasks and their solutions. About at what stage is the development of our product and what’s new with us. Visit our diary. You are welcome!

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